We aim to create confident, motivated, strong-willed, and well-rounded intellectual global citizens. Today’s day and age bring enormous options and opportunities. We believe, for one to make the right decision at any point in time, free will on the one hand and life’s rules embedded with ethics & morals on the other, need to strike a balance. Based on these principles, Green Valley Academy simplifies its pedagogy by focusing on Basic Skills. Hence, with Analytical Abilities and Language Skills being are our prime focus areas, we aim at holistic development of a child.

Analytical skills, needless to say are the need of the hour in this era of technology and innovation. With the onset of data Analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is more evident than ever, that the future lies in the hands of youngsters who can analyze, think and react swiftly. Our studies suggest that analytical skills are best developed in people who are good at mathematics since childhood. Hence, our special focus on Mathematics helps us inculcate superior analytical abilities in the students of GVA. They understand how numbers sew every part of our lives. Students of GVA enjoy solving challenges analytically and systematically, rather than being afraid of them.

After conducting regular studies, our international education consultants have concluded that having good Mathematical Skills lets students understand subjects such as science, social science, computer science at an early age. They suggest that a firm mathematical base in early childhood develops the capacity to grasp and correlate subjects like chemistry, physics, computer science, geography, economics and accounting in higher grades. This suggests that having good mathematical skills directly improves one’s analytical skills. The importance of mathematics is further bolstered by the fact that, almost all competitive examinations around the world include mathematical questions, to test one’s analytical abilities. Hence, our focus on mathematics helps us hone our student’s analytical skills, which in turn prepares them for the world full of competitive examinations right from the beginning.

After accumulating and understanding vast amounts of knowledge, one is still half way through to a successful life or a brilliant career. The other half of the journey to be successful is to be able to effectively communicate. What is the use of all the knowledge if one cannot apply, express and project it as and when required in our day to day life. Hence good Communication Skills are as important as knowledge assimilation. And so, language is given very high importance at Green Valley Academy. As English language is the medium of teaching all subjects, it also is imbibed as a way of life. Students are schooled to understand English language through the most enjoyable and effective techniques. 
Hindi Language on the other hand being the mother tongue for a majority of students is given equal importance. Students are put through regular language exercises and tests, in English and Hindi languages. Debates and Extempore are highly encouraged by way of competitions and events. Foreign language classes such as Korean, French and German languages, not only makes them multi-lingual but also helps them comprehend structure of languages and learn about new cultures.
Having secured the two most important pillars, that is to say analytical and communication skills, our students exhibit extraordinary caliber. We believe school education is a journey every child must enjoy. The curricula must be supplemented by extracurricular activities to make it more holistic. All students address the morning assemblies by reading out the news and sharing their views over important issues in a periodic fashion. Following the Sustainable Development Goals and as per the MGIEP Project of United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Kindness Matters Campaign is a part of our curricula. 
As per our researchers, music and dance act as great catalysts in the learning process of a child. Based on this, the school boasts a mammoth sized Music and Dance Academy with the best of faculty belonging to the most esteemed Gharana’s of the world of music and dance. Sports and Fitness is another important aspect of our lives. Green Valley Academy is Fit India Certified School of India, under the Fit India Movement of Government of India. Physical fitness is given a great importance. This is achieved by educating students of GVA through Military-styled March-Pasts, Karate Classes, mandatory physical training, partaking in multiple sports ,and by encouraging healthy and timely eating and sleeping. Training drills are taught by National and International Athletes as a part of the curricula, who are carefully chosen by the GVA leadership.

Philosophy of Free Thought Process 

Our children need to be guided through the ocean of options and choices. The guidance is also not to be mistaken for interference. So after proper consultation and guidance, children are made aware of the possible choices they can select from. Their inclinations and interests are recorded and analyzed which are later translated and shared by the processes, defined by the team of Psychologists. This team of psychologists is supported by overseas scientists who are experts in child psychology and human behavior. Amalgamating the western thought of free will with the eastern philosophies of Gurukul, the modern scientific theories with orthodox ethics of life, can be a challenging task. This is achieved by carefully understanding every child and the corresponding needs, to deliver an efficient learning pathway.

CBSE Pattern

We follow the CBSE Curriculum, and our students have been appreciated on various platforms for their, depth of knowledge, confidence in communicating their thoughts and humbleness for learning new concepts.Our students have reached IIT’s, IIM’s, reputed international universities such as Yale, Oxford, Columbia, and Harvard.

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