Examinations are dealt with utter care at GVA. We consider it a sincere method of feedback rather than a mere tool of discrimination. Hence this feedback is carefully processed so as to understand the skills and areas of improvement in students.

The Students majorly take part in two main examinations, namely Half Yearly and Yearly. As the names suggest they happen in a semester-wise fashion.

Minor examinations consist of Unit Tests and Subject Matter Tests which are run through out the year on a weekly and fortnightly basis.

The Third form of examinations involves subjects like General Awareness, General Aptitude and Physical Aptitude. These differ from classes to classes, but mostly have a similar aim to make students more aware about themselves and the world and and to entice the fire to learn and comprehend much more than books and lessons.

The fourth kind is the extracurricular activities students engage in. These range from debates, speeches, essay writing, and sports to learning musical instruments and other performing arts like dance. We absolutely believe in wholesome learning of the students which entails familiarizing them with art and culture. Hence needless to say Music and Dance are regarded very highly in our pedagogy and are considered to be extraordinary instruments of the learning process.

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