Dance and Music are forms of art that exhibit freedom. They let us inhale possibility and exhale creativity. Hence education is considered to be incomplete without music and dance. (

SvarVandana ( exhibits this vision of Green Valley Academy. The world-class Music and Dance Academy, built on 6000 sqft (six thousand) area, is amongst one of the biggest in India. Here students get to learn almost all musical instruments ranging from Drums, Violin, Guitar, Keyboard, Tabla and Sitar to Mandolin. Dance forms like Kathak, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Zumba and Salsa and Vocal Music genres like Hindustani and Western have had extraordinary results in shaping all rounded personalities.

Our faculties are amongst the best in the nation, belonging to famous Gharanas and well known institutions. Svar Vandana is not only open for the students of Green Valley Academy, but it also caters to students from outside the school as well. The diversity is visible from the fact that the age of Svar Vandana’s students ranges from 3 to 70 years of age. Our Music and Dance Academy caters to a wide range of enthusiasts travelling from various parts of the nation. You’re most welcome to visit and be a part of it. For more information, please visit the official website:


Hurry! Admissions Open for New Session 2024-25