Chairperson's Desk

Education is the key to all success! It is a fundamental requirement for any society to prosper and grow. Although in today’s world, education is accepted as a basic form of upbringing, although the methods and means might be different in various parts of the world. Based on researches happening around the world and after consulting multiple scientists and experts, our team ceaselessly works to enhance the course curricula. This helps us create easy and effective ways of education. We need to delicately understand the young minds and give way to their free thoughts. Instead of loading them with limited options of books, videos, poems, rhymes, history lessons and our expectations, we let them dream limitlessly and support pure thought processes. We call it the Free-Thought-Process approach. With this vision, we train our faculty and staff, so that each one of them is able to contribute and synchronize with the pace of the institution.

Mrs. Kusum Sharma (Former Civil Servant)
Our school’s philosophy projects itself to be very modern and futuristic, yet our basic principles root from the Gurukul Methodology of schools, branching from the Vedic times. It is exciting to link and inculcate the treasures of Gurukul Methodology with the modern research work about education and upbringing. It is a blessing to be in a land of multiple cultures and traditions, religions and beliefs. This helps us utilize the crux of this superior knowledge and train our children toward making a better world. Such are the foundations of our institution that lays humble ground for future leaders to learn and grow in the best possible ways. The journey of Green Valley Academy has been an exciting and successful one. We obviously couldn’t have done this on our own. Each one of you has been enormously supportive of our initiative since more than two decades. We look forward to strengthening the institution, and grooming our students to conquer and live their dreams.

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