Dr. Vijay Rana

Dr. Vijay Rana, historian, editor, writer, political critic and Ex- BBC London bureau chief. Having worked for the BBC Hindi Service for over two decades and producing pioneering programmes that were followed worldwide, Dr. Rana was honoured at the 9th World Hindi Conference in Johannesburg for his contribution to the language. Our heartiest congratulations to our principal consultant. Apart from this award he has been a well-celebrated writer of United Kingdom as well other nations.
Dr. Rana now the editor of the web-based radio service, nrifm.com is a well known face of the health and education world media. Dr. Rana’s involvement in Green Valley Academy (Junior High School) is that of a Vice Chancellor’s. His vision of educational quality improvement and ideas of interactive classroom teaching have immensely improved our institution’s education standards, with students being empowered with individual thinking and high self-confidence. Dr. Rana visits the campus every quarter bringing new agenda’s to the table and thereby renovating the system at least four times a year.

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