Mr. Abhilash Sharma

Former Senior Civil Servant, Mr. Sharma has served the nation devoting more than forty two years of his life. Retired as Senior Director from the Government, he has held multiple positions of importance in crucial departments for example Managing Director for Corporations, Commissioner Industries and many more. Mr. Sharma drives the soul of the institution toward systematic education development. Known for his tough bureaucratic regime Mr. Sharma’s name is enough to express and explain why the students of Green Valley Academy are excelling at academics. He believes education at the elementary level is of utmost importance, as it forms the foundation of what the child has to learn in future. Going by that ideology the academic curriculum is given high priority. The principles of Mathematics and English Language being important for Analytical and Communications Skills are Mr. Sharma’s visions turned reality. His rich experience of managing international affairs, diplomatic relations and multi-million-dollar projects, has taken Green Valley Academy to a whole different level in the past few years.

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